Acrylic Nail Design

Every woman feels the need to look beautiful smart and pretty in a unique way, it is an inner feeling. That is why women play close attention to how they look before leaving the house. They spend hours in salons, at the malls shopping for unique clothes and jewelry. Salons are normally fully packed with women from all walks of life. That is why most women take their time to ensure their nails are elegant.

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The nail extensions

The Acrylic Nail Design or the nail extensions which are common with women nowadays was introduced by Maxwell Lappe in the 50s. His major intention was to facilitate those who had a habit of biting nails. Over time, technological advances have enabled manicurists to give Acrylic nails a more realistic look.
Research indicates that in America, more than $6 billion is spent on nails by women. This makes the nail art business one of the lucrative form of art. Among the brands preferred includes the dotted manicure which is easy for beginners. The dots are simple and attractive.

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The half moon nails are also preferred, you use pink and of white as a base then curve the half moon and fill it with golden glitter-Style me pretty is also in the fashion where you combine white and black to give you a sleek look. The mustache is also common among ladies you simply add a mustache on the tip nail at the tip using a stencil. With a right combo, your nails are likely to stand out and you will look glamorous.


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