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Following the latest in fashion is a difficult thing to do unless you are really dedicated to it. While we may be able to mimic the dressing style of our favorite celebrities, there is one area that still remains a little too intricate to copy. As you might have already seen on the various social media platforms nail art has been creating a buzz around the world — especially in the US.

Nails design, the ever endearing and dynamic art that is largely taking shape of the appearance and glamour of women. With plethora of new design patterns emerging every day, women are in a constant pressure to keep up with the most unique and trending nail fashions. As demand increases, so does the pressure to meet each and everyone’s tastes and preferences. It is quintessential for nail lovers to keeping in mind their outfit, as it is a necessity that the design and color to complement their dressing mode.

As the newest nail trending fashion, black and gold nail designs has developed its popularity from its uniqueness and simplicity of ease in which they can be applied. Below are some of the designs that we are going to look at.

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Ombre Black and Gold Nail design since its invention ombre designs offer a wide variety of color and notably elegant look. From tinsel gold nails to black spiky nails you will be sure to get your ingenious and elegant look. By using a sponge, you can inscribe several colors to your existing black or gold nail polish design.

Black and gold nail designs have extensive flexible design patterns applications such as stripy, polka dots and French black and gold designs to choose from. Needless to say, both black and gold hues can be combined to match with other nail designs.

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What first started out with hair has finally made its way to the fingers as well. Ombre involve using a sponge to imprint two or more colors onto the nail in a way that looks like one color is emerging from the other.

Black And Gold Nail Designs –  probably one of the newest trends in nail art, this process involves a special gel polish that is used to create a sort of artificial nail Women who have short nails usually opt for this method as it allows them to have longer nails temporarily.

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