Get Inspired by These Cool Nail Designs from Tumblr

Nail art can help you express and highlight your fashion sense

Real fashion extends far beyond clothes and accessories; it manifests in every aspect of your life. Forget about the rules and limits and find inspiration among the carefully selected Cool Nail Designs from Tumblr!

Embrace the romantic blue-green color of the fresh sea on a hot summer day. The combination of the bluish and white give away the careless summer while the touch of silver glitter pulls you into the night full of dancing.

Cool Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 1

Get funky and set doodles free from their life on the paper. Prepare your foundations using any colors you want and impress everybody by transforming you favorite doodles into seriously cool nail art. There are no limits to your imagination, doodle away!

Cool Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 2

Here is something for those who love to keep it classy. Dress your nails in the embodiment of class and elegance. You can never go wrong with black and white. This Cool Nail Design from Tumblr that is simple to create but impresses any onlooker!

Cool Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 3

This stunning nail design from Tumblr is perfect for the secret geeks and comics lovers. Everybody knows superheroes are cool and Marvel movies are killing it at the box office. So, if you want to take your fandom a step further, recreate the faces of your favorite heroes.

Cool Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 4

Who doesn’t know the careless buzzing bumblebee flying across the blue sky? This cartoon has traveled around the cyberspace and now can land on your perfectly designed nails. it’s fun, creative and quirky!

Cool Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 5

Have you tried any of the designs? How did it go? Share your creation with us below in the comments!

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