Cool Nail Designs With Tape


Now, everyone of us wants something flashy on our nails without the headache of going to a nail salon and spending your hard earned money every week.

Cool Nail Designs With Tape photo - 1

Start with clean finger nails that is they must be free from any type of product, then apply base coat followed by application of your desired color ; keeping in mind to apply a nice clean layer.

Step 1. Take out your tape, and again apply nail paint on a small piece of tape.

Step 2. Cut that piece of tape into tiny stripes and paste them on your dried nails with the help of a tweezers, you can follow my example and first apply them in horizontal manner then vertical.

Step 3, 4 and 5.  Wait for them to be adjusted then apply top coat.

That is it you have got a cool nail design with tape!

Cool Nail Designs With Tape photo - 2Again start with clean nails. For this design you need the same material written as followingNail Paints , Pair of Scissors , Tape, Tweezers ,Top Coat , and Base Coat.

Step 1. Apply a layer of base coat and wait for it to dry then apply a different nail color on one nail and same on the others. Cut out a piece of tape and cut it into small thin stripes apply those strips on your now dried different colored nail. Wait for the strips to adjust then pull them off with tweezers.

Step 2, 3 and 4.  Apply top coat and voila your cool nail design with tape is done!

Cool Nail Designs With Tape photo - 3

We have done two designs with stripes now try something different. Apply base coat then, take three different nail colors of your choice ( I am using Red, Grey and Aquamarine) and apply them on four of your fingers leaving one of your finger bare (only base coat). Now cut the tape into small squares and stripes and paste them on your nails in such a way that you make a check pattern by following the instructions in the first design, then pasting the stripes in a diagonal manner on another finger.

Use the square cut tape and paste two pieces corner-wise on one nail and one piece corner-wise on one finger, just like in the picture. Leave the strips and squares to adjust then pull them off with tweezers.

Apply base coat and your design is ready.

Keeping mind that the tape you use should be thin or your cool nail design will be messed up. Last but not the least, these cool nail designs with tape require a lot of patience, but patience is always worth the result!

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