Cute Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

Make your nails beautiful

Do you ever wonder why some peoples nails are ever glowing? The secret is having just more than plain polish. First you should know about painting with simple art tools such as nail art brush, dotting tools and Adoree nail art.

A part from the simple art tools , we have nail glitters, Nail stickers and nail rhinestones or beads, is all you need to create cute acrylic nail design ideas


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Nail glitters can be in the form of nail polish that contain glitters or loose nail glitters.For loose glitter, after applying top coat to the desired area use your finger tips to sprinkle the glitter to your preferred areas. Loose nail glitter does not need a top coat.


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There are a variety of nail sticker and each with different designs. The choice is your. This is the easiest to use. It is just a matter of detaching the sticker to your nail and layer with top coat on top.


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Apply a layer of top coat on a dry nail then pick thejewel with rhinestone or beads and place place it on the area you like. Hold the stones for some time then apply one or more layers of top coat to allow it dry.

With these three choices you are assured of cute acrylic nail design ideas.

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