Cute Cheetah Nail Designs

Cute cheetah nail designs if you are feeling a little fierce, cute cheetah nail designs will help you fulfill your inner animal. Relatively simple to do yourself, these nail designs give you some idea of how to bring out your inner animal.

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Adding cheetah designs to your original nail polish will embellish any design and matches well with diamantes and metal stud accessories.

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For a Cute cheetah nail designs, you will need to paint the base one solid color, and let this dry completely. Make sure to do two coats. Secondly, add a series of random and differently shaped splodges on to your nail with a darker coat. Let these dots dry completely. Next, you need either the original base coat color or a similar, slightly lighter color. Very gently add splotches of this color inside the other spots; make sure they are smaller than the original blobs of color. Let this dry and then add a clear coat over the top to keep everything in place.

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For cheetah colors, try using tan as the base, black for the large blobs, and cream for the inner blotches.

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