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Painting one’s nails is a trend that has been in style for many years; however, recently, it has become more popular to create work’s of art in the form of flowers and other designs on one’s nails.

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While these designs are absolutely they are quite difficult to paint onto one’s own nails. This is precisely why a market has emerged for Easy Nail Design where people who are having trouble creating those beautiful designs can still enjoy the patterns on their own nails in the comfort of their own home.

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The best easy manicure

One of the leading brands in the United States is called “Nails Moyou.” This brand not only has several gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from, but it also has nail art frames that allow the individual painting their nails to have a stencil of sorts to make the precise patterns that they want to on their nails.

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Each patter starts at around $8, which makes this a very affordable option. Another very popular brand is called “Kiss” from the United States. “Kiss” has several options that area ideal for the individual that wants to create art on their nails.

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For example, there is a kit called “Salon Secrets Glitter Science by Kiss” for $9.99 that allows the user to choose from more than five different colors of glitter that will be applied on top of a clear coat. Design has never been more simple before, which is quite a fun addition to the beauty industry.



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