Freehand Nail Art Designs


Freehand nail art are the new talk of the town. Gone are the days where only a nail polish will do the job. The plain simple trend has been moved out by the new freehand nail art design. They do look complex as they seem, layers of nail polish layered over each other but looks can be deceiving.These are simple to make and looks great too.

Below are some of the easy to do freehand nail art designs that you can try for various occasions. It does not matter that you are new to this all you need is a small amount of patience and a bit of creativity on your side.

Freehand Nail Art Designs photo - 1

The Stroke of White Design. This a regular wear design. This can be easily done even by beginners. The stroke of white on black adds a charm that you can use free hand painting to make it more attractive.

Freehand Nail Art Designs photo - 2

The Black Swan Design. If you are having a party this is the one to go for. Looks classy and you can easily do it on your own. Dont forget to waer black color to steal the show.

Freehand Nail Art Designs photo - 3

The Branching Tree Design. This can be easily done using a stripping tape adding a few branching lines adds to the charm. This is perfect for casual wear as well as party wear.

Freehand Nail Art Designs photo - 5

The Vintage Red and Black Design. A sporty look is added in this design and brings out the sporty touch outside of you. Dont forget to add white in between the black line.

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