How To Make Cool Nail Designs

The latest fashion trend is Nail Art and here we bring you a few ideas that you might find easy to start.

The tribal look

This is a very creative style and you can make as many colour combinations as you want. All you need is to start with a base nail polish. Then, with a very thin brush or a dotting pen tool, start creating the patterns the way you want, with as many colours as you like. Remember to wait for the colours to get dry before starting with the next one.

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The animal print

If you have a wild heart you are going to love these designs. You can choose to leave your nails naked or apply a base colour. For those cheetah dots, in the colours of your liking, start by making dots. You can do this with a stick or a dotting pen tool if you have one. Once the dots are dry, use a thinner dotting tool or a toothpick to draw semi circles around the dots. You can use a black nail polish to make a bigger contrast with the colours. Get that animal instinct out to the surface with this cool nail design!

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The Minion challenge

This design is for movie lovers. Start with a yellow base. For the eyes, could be one or two, make a big grey dot on the top of the nail. Inside the dot, make a smaller white dot. With a thin brush or a thin dotting tool draw the mouth, the eyeball (in the center of the white dot) and the goggle straps in black. Dress up your minion in blue and you get a cool nail design.

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Splatter nails

A quick, fun but messy way to do your nails. Use tape to wrap your fingers just under the cuticle to keep it clean. Star with a base colour. Once dry, place some nail polish on a paper and dip one end of a straw. Place over your nail and blow out the colour. Do it with as many colours as you want.

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You’ll have an amazing time trying out this designs to stand out on this fashion trend. And always keep in mind to apply a base coat before starting and a top coat at the end to make your Nail Art last longer.

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