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Perfect manicure is the single most desired thing by any women or girl nowadays. Many brands are tried and tested while some still do not quite meet the cut – some people are lucky to find their perfect Manicure companions for rewarding their nails with Long Nail Designs, and others carry the struggle to next generation.

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End the Manicure struggle and reward yourself with the perfect combination of price and quality utilizing the information below – long nail.

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If you are looking for something which can last long, Opi Nail Lacquer is your solution for your design. This regular polish has a lasting power of more than a week. Forget chipping and streaking in just $10. Moreover, it has 200 shades – if you are looking for out of the box shades, then Tom Ford Nail Lacquer can be rewarding for you.

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Although it is as expensive as $35, it has well-curated collection of 16 colors if you can afford. Some people like shinny shades and if you are the one them, then Nails. lnc is the brand for you. It is available at a mere cost of $10. Apart from these Essie Ridge is one brand which is as cheap as $8.50 and has best base code.


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