Marble Nail Design

Shiny nails; just like marble

This is marble nail design, an abstraction of art, a colorful imagination of nature’s beauty, and an illustration of artistic craft.

Marble Nail Design photo - 1

You may like this type of art. This seems as an Indian tiger’s skin; with its beauty and grandeur. But, using blue moderates this tiger.

Marble Nail Design photo - 2

This is a Japanese garden, marble nail design with the blossoms of aravane, which are dancing in the wind. The shiny trickles also give these nails a dreamy sprite, just like Japanese animations.

Marble Nail Design photo - 3

This is like an ancient Persian historical building. The art of this one reminds me pictures of Isfahan, and the beautiful colors of Naghsh-e-Jahan square.

Marble Nail Design photo - 4

This seems like a three-dimension painting. Look at the white blades that seems higher than other parts of nail. Also, it seems like a perspective of an imaginary way. Maybe anyone who look at your nail, will be lost in this infinite way.

The marble nail design is something like this pictures. Look at your imagination; which one is your choice?

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