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Some colorful nail designs

Whether you have short or long nails, today you can find thousands nail art designs, even on a social networks. We present you nail art designs — Tumblr.

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1. You are going out, in the middle of the summer and have no idea how to paint your nails? Here is how. You will need base coat, white, pink, black and silver shimmery nail polish. After applying base coat, apply pink nail polish on thumb, index and pinky fingernail. Middle fingernail decorate with black stripes using brush. Youshould make little arrow tips. Paint your ring fingernail in shimmery silver nail polish or paint it with base coat and apply glitter on nail while it is still wet. Finish with top coat.

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2. For next design you will need base coat, pastel green, black and gold nail polish. When base coat is dried, paint all yoir nails in pastel green and let it sit for 2 – 3 minutes. Carefully paint first 1/3 of your nail with gold nail polish in shapw of arrow tip. After it dries, with thin brush or toothpick make black line on the part where gold and pastel green are connected. Finish with top coat.

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3. This nail art designs from Tumblr is easier than first two. First, put the base coat on your nails and after it dries, put one or two coats of aquamarine nail polish, but not on the ring fingernail. Using thin brush and black nail polish make zig – zag pattern. Finish with top coat.

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4. Next design is quite simple to do even in it looks complicated – ombre effect! You will need piece of sponge, base and top coat, yellow, orange and red nail polish. After putting base coat on your nails, put one thick stripe of yellow, then orange and red nail polish on sponge. Be sure it is big enough to cover your nail and colours are well connected! Before it dries, gently dab onto your nail. Repeat if you want stronger colour. After that, make little palm tree on ring fingernail using black nail polish and brush. Finish with top coat.

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5. Last nail art designs on Tumblr, requires base and top coat, as well as black nail polish. After you apply base coat, use brush or toothpick to design little buildings using black nail polish. You can even write on your nails. Finish with top coat.

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