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Few things make you feel better about your look than perfectly painted nails — and being able to do them at home means you’ll save a ton of cash and become an expert at making your nails look salon perfect in no time.

Becoming an expert in polishing your nails is as easy as following our nail design from Tumblr:

If you want your nails to have a dramatic effect, white creates the perfect crisp background for a statement feature such as diamante’ gems, studs or other embellishments. Simply coat your nails in a couple of layers of white polish, before choosing which finger or fingers to add detail too — stripes are the perfect way for beginners to become comfortable with nail design from Tumbler.

Nail Design Tumblr photo - 1

For nails that look good enough to eat — but require a lot more skill — ice cream inspired designs can be the perfect way to dress up even the most formal of outfits.

Nail Design Tumblr photo - 2

Once you have become comfortable with more intricate nail designs your collection of polishes will continue to grow — and once it does you’ll be able to keep increasing the number of colors and styles you display at one time. For a bold statement look try combining different animal prints, tribal designs and bright colours.

Nail Design Tumblr photo - 3

To capture the traveller in you, dream catchers, feathers and birds are a great way to practice your brush skills — and once you’ve improved your brush skills you’ll be able to include words in your designs.

Nail Design Tumblr photo - 4

Tie-dye inspired nails make for the perfect background to host bold symbols or designs — use pastel colors for the background and block colors such as blacks and deep purples to make the design stand out.

Nail Design Tumblr photo - 5

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