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Manicure is a key ingredient to elegance and here is a list of real artistry of manicure that will make your nails strictly funky.

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Spider web nail design is easily made by first painting the nail with color, preferably black, for the base. Another contrasting color is applied to make both visible. A thin brush is then used to make a diagonal stroke across the nail. Two strokes are then made on either sides of the first stroke. Outcurved semicircular strokes are made between the strokes till a spider web art design is formed.

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Floral free hand is another design type if you have good hands for painting. Use will need a flat brush and selective choice of colors. Onto your flat brush take two colors at a time. Pink, light blue and purple are each taken with white at a time. Rotate the flat brush carefully to form petals on the nail-

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Sunset nail is another design. It’s done using sand nail polishes. Unlike Water Decal design and other several design brands, Sunset nail art design doesn’t require the use of top coat
Water decal is yet a different design. It can be done by using water decals with preferable pattern onto a white painted base- A good top coat must be applied to cover and seal the pattern

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Sunset Sponge art is another manicure design that can be done using a sponge and three different glimmer finish colors of good quality. Try out these Nails Designs Pictures and watch yours nails beam with beaut.



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