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Embellish your nails by adding captivating designs which make you look trendy. Pretty nail designs tumblr presents you these adorable nail designs which add style to your personality.

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This multi patterned nail art with beautiful designs could be striking any season and can be worn with everyday attire. Each nail design is beautiful in its ways – simple polka dots, elegant leopard print, imprinting heart, plants and a bohemian design.

Pretty Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 2

This pretty nail designs from tumblr is spooky skeleton nail art completes your look in halloween. The sparky design in between intensifies the design.

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The simple black nail paint simply compliments your black party dress or contrasts any lighter shade attire. This is perfect for an evening party.

Pretty Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 4

Express your love to your loved ones with this cute sparkly nail design. The gold colored embellishments in between the silver ones simply adds elegance to your nails.

Pretty Nail Designs Tumblr photo - 5

This simple, yet beautiful nail art design is definitely alluring. The lovely black design best compliments the pink base and adds a ravishing look.

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