Round Nail Designs

Beautiful round nail arts

How many times have you left your house looking at your unkempt nails and wondered if you could have made them as pretty as you would have for an occasion. But, nails done for an occasion demand way more maintenance and you can’t dedicate so much of your valuable time for the upkeep of nails on a daily basis.What do you do in such a scenario, let your nails be unkempt and boring? No, you go Simply Round!Cut your nails short and file them in a rounded shape. The advantages of round nail designs are plenty, few to begin with are:

  • Nails filed in a round shape don’t require repeated filling.
  • Simply round nails chip way less than almond or rectangular shaped nails.
  • Simply round nail designs option are not only simple to D.I.Y. but also easy to maintain.

Round Nail Designs photo - 1

Simply Tribal Matte Nail Design You could put on your favorite dark matte nail color and paint one nail with a simple tribal design. Easy to Simply Round Nail Design to D.I.Y and even more easy to maintain.

Round Nail Designs photo - 2

Simply Pastel Pastel nail colors look the best on Simply Round nails. You could make your pastels pop more by adding a dark colored nail design and you are good to go.

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Simply French Simply Round nails compliment a French Tip Manicure like Eggnog in the Holidays. You can experiment with a range of colors instead of going for white for the tip. A classy way to add a little pop to the day.

Round Nail Designs photo - 4

Simply Nude Simply Round and Simply Nude need we say more. The emphasis is on simplicity, easy to do and maintain.

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Simply Rhinestonelf you are in love with rhinestones but you cant maintain them in your nail designs for more than a day, the key to go minimal. So pick a nail you would add the rhinestone to or may be add just one or two so they don’t fall of easily. From fabulous in the day to glamorous by night. Easy to maintain and cute Simply Round nails.

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