Stiletto Nail Design

The combination of your nail design and outfit makes you a complete women. If you are a modern women, looking for manicure ideas to boost your beauty and class then we are happy to help you. Here, we have compared several nail polish brands to weed out the not-so-great ones from the gems.

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Nail polish brands

The nail: a budget friendly nail polish which lasts longer then most expensive nail polish. It costs $2.2 Essie Nail Polish: easy to apply and a wallet friendly polish. It costs $8.50 Zoya Nail Polish: a non-toxic nail polish with great texture. It costs $9.00 OPI Nail Lacquer: a combination of vibrant, rich and long lasting nail polish. It costs $9.50 so, you can use the mentioned brands to decorate your nail.

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But, to bring the real magic of these nail polish you need to design your nails well. This design is trending these days. Celebrities like Lady Gadga, Rihanna, and Fergie are adoring it. Stiletto Nail Design are cool and very extreme.

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They are more pointed and provides more surface room. Some cool nail style that you can create using stiletto nail design are cat-claws, dazzling channel, vividly Egyptian, royally wonderful and many more.You never know when a cool nail design will spruce things up and make you day. So, choose your brand and design wisely.




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